We're Storming Back

Hurricane Sandy Recovery Program

FREE Workshops, Training, and Resources for New Jersey's Small Businesses

We’re Storming Back Customer Service Training

FREE business building training
Start re-strengthening the foundation of your business: customer service. The WCEC will be offering free business building training sessions aimed to help businesses rebuild this important cornerstone that plays a critical role in any business’ success. These 2 hour training sessions will help employees who interact directly with the public on a daily basis sharpen their skills and learn best practices that ensure visitors enjoy an outstanding experience and return often. In addition to training frontline employees, The WCEC will also offer “Train the Trainer” workshops to help employers learn how to successfully train future employees and further enhance customers’ and visitors’ experiences.

We’re Storming Back Disaster Relief Process Navigation

FREE tips, training and know-how on the process for assistance
Don’t get lost when seeking disaster assistance! The WCEC will be offering all business owners free direction and guidance on how to apply for state and local assistance for the damages and losses your business endured during the storm. Through two-hour briefing sessions, The WCEC will guide business owners through the process of obtaining and maximizing state and local assistance as a result of damage and losses incurred due to Hurricane Sandy. The Navigating the Disaster Relief Process training sessions will take place throughout the month of July.  

We’re Storming Back Business Planning Consultations

FREE one-on-one business planning with experts
While Hurricane Sandy affected all of us, every business and business owner has their own set of challenges that are unique to them. For this reason, The WCEC is providing business owners with free, individual consultations on a variety of topics and needs important to their specific situations. These one-on-one sessions include consultations with a variety of experts in numerous fields including marketing, technology, human resources, strategic planning, finance, and more. The individual consultation sessions are available from May – August, 2013.  

We’re Storming Ahead Prevention Planning

FREE business-saving emergency preparation training
If Mother Nature intended to flex her muscles and send business owners fleeing in fear, then she picked the wrong state. New Jersey business owners have been resilient in rebuilding after Sandy. While we work to move forward, we must also take time to reflect on what we’ve learned from this experience and better prepare and protect our businesses from future storms and unforeseen emergencies. The WCEC is offering free, two-hour briefing sessions throughout the month of August to help business owners prepare for future emergencies, ensuring their businesses remain open and viable.